Current Students

Important Dates & Holidays



4 OPT 4 Winter Rotation externships resume Monday
5 MANDATORY OPT 2 Clinic Orientation Review Tuesday
6 All Spring Semester classes and labs begin
OPT 2 & OPT 3 Spring Semester clinics begin
OPT 4 Winter Rotation in-house clinics resume Wednesday
18 Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Monday


3-9 OPT 1 Exam Week #1 Wednesday thru Tuesday
12 OPT 4 Winter Rotation in-house clinics & externships end Friday
16 OPT 4 Spring Rotation in-house clinics & externships begin Tuesday
MAR 8-12 No OPT 3 classes or labs
OPT I & OPT 2 classes and labs operate as scheduled
All clinics operate as scheduled Monday-Friday
15-19 OPT 1, OPT 2, & OPT 3 Spring Break Monday-Friday
19 OPT 4 in-house clinics closed Friday
24-30 OPT 1 Exam Week #2 Wednesday-Tuesday
APR 20 Last day of OPT 1 & OPT 2 classes & labs
OPT 2 Spring Semester clinics end Tuesday
21 Make-up day for OPT 1& OPT 2 classes & labs and OPT 2 clinic (for MLK Holiday) Wednesday
23-4 OPT 1 & OPT 2 Final Exams Friday-Tuesday
APR 28 OPT 3 classes, labs, & clinics end Wednesday
29-5 OPT 3 Final Exams Thursday-Friday
MAY 5 OPT 4 Spring Rotation in-house clinics end Wednesday
6-7 Make-up Clinic
7 OPT 4 Spring Rotation externships end Friday
13 Deadline to submit all final grades Friday
TBD OPT 4 “Out the Door” Program
TBD Commencement


17 All clinics, classes and externships begin Monday
31 Memorial Day Holiday Monday


19-20 OPT IV Practice Management Class Saturday and Sunday


5 Independence Day Holiday Monday
17-18 OPT IV Practice Management Class Saturday and Sunday


13 Clinics and externships and classes end Friday
16-20 Class of 2025 – New Student Orientation

UH News

May 5, 2021
Examining the One-Two Punch of Malaria Drugs
By Laurie Fickman:: The first-line treatment for deadly malaria is a combination of two drugs. But sometimes those drugs fight each other. A University of Houston researcher is examining their relationship to improve their results and stay a step ahead of the malaria-carrying parasite, a strong survivor, which continues to outsmart new drugs.
May 4, 2021
Holdeman Legacy Gift Supports UH College of Medicine Future Success
By Chris Stipes:: With a steadfast belief in the power of higher education, Dr. Nicky and Lisa Holdeman have committed a combined 45 years and counting of their professional careers to the University of Houston. The Holdeman legacy will now live on through a bequest to the UH College of Medicine that will establish an endowed professorship/chair and endowed scholarship for medical students.
April 28, 2021
Investigating Vaccine Hesitancy in Houston’s Underserved Communities
By Laurie Fickman:: COVID-19 vaccines are more available now than ever, so why is the number of people taking them so low in diverse communities across metropolitan Houston and beyond? The University of Houston’s HEALTH Center for Addictions Research and Cancer Prevention is set to find out and to develop culturally responsive solutions.
April 27, 2021
Improved Catalyst May Translate to Petrochemical Production Gains
By Nicole Johnson:: A team of researchers have uncovered a seeding method that simplifies the synthesis process and results in spontaneous pillaring of zeolites. This may facilitate improved selectivity in petrochemical catalysts with reduced carbon build up, which means greater yield and longer lifecycles.
April 26, 2021
Persuading Consumers to Go Green
By Chris Stipes:: Researchers at the UH Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management have identified a more persuasive messaging strategy for businesses to convince customers to adopt eco-friendly practices.
April 23, 2021
From Toxic Ions to Single-Atom Copper
By None:: UH researchers offer conclusive research for understanding how bacteria found in copper mines convert toxic copper ions to stable single-atom copper. Their research demonstrates how copper-resistant bacterium from a copper mine in Brazil convert copper sulfate ions into zero-valent metallic copper.
April 22, 2021
CMAS Study: School Boards Alone Cannot Make Test Scores Blossom
By None:: A new study by the UH Center for Mexican American Studies examines educational achievement gaps in Houston area public schools and recommends solutions for improvement.
April 20, 2021
Filling Federal Oversight Gaps
By None:: New research demonstrates how the supposed benefits of retracting federal oversight on interstate waters and defaulting that responsibility to individual states failed to account for economic and scientific evidence that said otherwise and violated the bounds of justifiable law.