Notice! Our Patient Parking Lot has Moved!

With the completion of the new Health and Biomedical Sciences Building II (HBSB), the University Eye Institute patient parking lot has relocated.
For information on where to park go to

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Associate Dean Dr. Laura Frishman Wins Esther Farfel Award

The Esther Farfel Award is the highest honor accorded to a University faculty member. The award is a symbol of overall career excellence. Recipients of the Farfel Award must have demonstrated excellence in all areas of faculty responsibility…in particular, their research must have had a significant impact at the national and international levels, they must have demonstrated outstanding teaching ability, and their service to the University, the profession and the community must have been distinctive and exemplary. 

Dr. Laura Frishman, PhD, FAAO, FARVO, John and Rebecca Moores Professor and Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research, received the Farfel Award for 2019 at the Faculty Excellence Awards Dinner held on April 18, 2019. This is only the second time that a faculty member in the College of Optometry has received this prestigious University award…..a tremendous and well-deserved…well-earned recognition. 

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