Notice! Our Patient Parking Lot has Moved!

With the completion of the new Health and Biomedical Sciences Building II (HBSB), the University Eye Institute patient parking lot has relocated.
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UHCO Scientist Receives NIH Grant Toward A Glaucoma Cure

UHCO biomedical engineer Vijaykrishna Raghunathan has received $765,000 from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to examine an understudied part of glaucoma – the ebb and flow of aqueous humor, the liquid in the eye whose regulation controls eye pressure. His work could lead to a pharmaceutical cure for the irreversible disease.

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On her own terms: Gayle Karanges, OD, '85

Gayle Karanges, OD, '85, is a born entrepreneur. As a young girl, she started out making money teaching horseback riding lessons to kids in her neighborhood.  After earning her optometry degree in 1985, she fearlessly ventured to start her own practice. Learn Dr. Karanges’s philosophy of running a private practice and how to thrive as an entrepreneur.

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Community Clinics see 23,000+

UHCO's community clinics have been established since the 1980's providing over 23,000 Texans a year comprehensive eye care. Thanks to the efforts, through the years, of Pat Segu, OD, '92; Joe DeLoach, OD, '81; Marcus Gonzales, OD, '06; Jennifer Deakins, OD, '10; Zanna Krouch, OD, '09; Susana Moreno, OD, '14; Nancy George, OD, '81;  Lloyd Pate, OD, '86; and Jennifer Garza, OD, '13; our community clinics have allowed UHCO to increase the number of externs, the number of patients seen annually, and engaged more with communities for a healthier tomorrow. Our community clinics are carrying out our mission which is Enhancing Vision for Life.


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