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In Memoriam

Dr. Sam Quintero, beloved UHCO alumnus and faculty member, passed peacefully on July 17, 2022, surrounded by family.

Sam Quintero was a dedicated teacher who committed his career to serving his students, advancing the college, and influencing the profession of Optometry for more than 50 years. Effective educators inspire students and even influence the direction of their lives. Dr. Quintero knew this and committed his career to this calling.
The Sam Quintero Endowment for Educational Excellence will help ensure that Dr. Quintero’s legacy will continue to inspire excellence in teaching through support for future generations of optometric educators.

Memorial contributions may be made to his named endowment at the University of Houston College of Optometry through FERV:

A Few Qs and As with Social Media Creator Khanh Ton

Khanh Ton

With over 6,000 YouTube subscribers and over 30,000 Instagram followers, UHCO Class of 2022’s Khanh Ton has been inspiring, encouraging, and influencing both pre-optometry and current optometry students throughout her years at UHCO. Just before her graduation this past month, Khanh spent a little time with us discussing her passion for optometry, social media, and ocular disease.

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Deciphering the Brain and How the Visual System Processes Information

Deciphering the Brain and How the Visual System Processes Information

University of Houston scientists are delving into the brain by examining gap junctions in the retina and elsewhere &ndoash; an understanding that could guide the development of new treatments or diagnostics fr brain disorders and degenerative diseases.

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