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UHCO Honors Beloved Staff

By: Posted On: 11/06/2017

 Suzanne Ferimer has inspired thousands of alumni, faculty, staff, and friends in the optometric community throughout her career at UHCO. As the librarian for the Weston A. Pettey Library for 36 years, Suzanne has seen each new class enter the professional program, and although the faces change, the library, and Suzanne, continue to serve as the hub for test week, grand rounds preparations, and study groups.

Since 2001, hundreds of students have entered UHCO’s Cornea and Contact Lens Service (CCLS) as part of their clinical training. Throughout his career, and with a generosity of spirit, expertise on all things contact lens, customer service acumen and a positive attitude, Jim has served as a role model and set the standard on how to help others. Jim works closely with the students rotating through CCLS, assists faculty and residents, and served as the point of contact for our industry partners.

Suzanne and Jim exemplify UHCO’s mission: Enhancing Vision for Life. Let us carry their legacy forward through these two new named endowments and bearing their names. Their commitment to education and the profession will be felt for generations to come. To contribute, contact the Foundation for Education and Research in Vision at 713.743.1795 or email emauzy@central.uh.edu