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UHCO faculty to receive 2016 UH Women & Gender Resource Center Award

Posted On: 07/18/2016

To support faculty development, the Women and Gender Resource Center recognizes both a pre-tenure and a tenured faculty member’s research productivity and impact in their disciplines as well as one clinical/instructional faculty member’s contributions toward the Women and Gender Resource Center’s mission of promoting gender equity, gender justice, and student success.
Clinical/instructional faculty award:

  • Demonstrates a commitment to supporting gender equity and inclusion in her/his/their research focus, development of others (i.e., mentoring, coaching) or in other ways that are representative of the Women and Gender Resource Center mission;
  • Instruction, e.g., classroom teaching, extension and outreach teaching, preparation, evaluation of students' performance, direction of independent study and theses, consultation with students enrolled in classes, and student advising;
  • Research, scholarly and creative work related to the members' discipline, e.g., books, articles, reports, paintings, and musical compositions; Assigned professional and administrative responsibilities of clinical faculty members; and
  • Professional service to the university, profession and public. This includes consultation, administration, or other University-sponsored services directed toward university or community welfare, and other professional activities. (Nominee must be a full-time tenured, tenure-track, or clinical/instructional faculty member at the University of Houston.)