Multi-disciplinary Translational Research

The Human Eye

Binocular adaptive optics vision simulator

Optics of the eye and vision

Optics of the eye and myopia development

Intraocular imaging using MRI

Large scan-depth anterior segment OCT

Optical metrology of presbyopia correcting IOLs

Extending depth of focus by inducing HOA

Binocular approach to presbyopia (modified monovision)

Improving performance of presbyopia correcting IOLs

High-resolution in vivo corneal imaging with OCT

Cellular imaging of cornea using optical coherence microscopy (OCM)

Wave aberration induced by tear instability

Tear breakup pattern and tear volume

Imaging contact lens and the tear

Tear lipid layer imaging

Dry eye: Ocular Surface Temperature Imaging

Environment controlled chamber for dry eye research

Finite Element Model of a Human Cornea


Our main research focus is to improve our understanding of the optics of the eye and its impact on human vision. We accomplish this goal by developing various ophthalmic/optometric tools that allow us to objectively measure and image the ocular optics. These tools include:

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