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To make an appointment with the Center for Sight Enhancement, call (713) 743-0799 for appointments or use our Online Appointment Form.

The Center for Sight Enhancement (CSE) provides multidisciplinary service, training and resources in low vision rehabilitation to help people of all ages with vision loss lead independent and productive lives. With cutting-edge technology and a nationally renowned faculty, we provide excellence in care and compassion.

Do you need low vision rehabilitation?

The following questions will help you determine whether low vision rehabilitation is appropriate for you. Because of your vision, do you have difficulty:

  1. Reading the newspaper or other fine print, even while wearing glasses?
  2. Moving around your home or elsewhere (do you bump into things)?
  3. Traveling at night (seeing cars or locating curbs and stairways)?
  4. Identifying money or reading your bills?
  5. Maintaining your emotions (Are you feeling sad, depressed or anxious about vision loss?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should probably make an appointment with the Center for Sight Enhancement.

To make an appointment with the Center for Sight Enhancement, call (713) 743-0799 for appointments or use our Online Appointment Form.

What services does the Center for Sight Enhancement provide?

The Center for Sight Enhancement's (CSE)s team of professionals work will work with you, your caregivers and your eye care provider to identify the visual goals that will help make a difference in your day-to-day life.

CSEs optometrists conduct a special low vision eye examination that helps them identify the areas of remaining and overall functional vision so they can design ways to make your vision work best. They may prescribe optical and/or electronic assistive devices to help maximize your visual potential. Low vision therapists and occupational therapists provide training to ensure your success in utilizing these assistive devices. They also make recommendations regarding lighting, adaptations in your home, computer technology and independent travel. By using the appropriate assistive devices and learning new skills, we help patients achieve their goals.

Other CSE programs include assistive technology evaluation & training and driving rehabilitation. Assistive technology includes video magnifier systems that provide electronic magnification of printed materials and enhanced contrast to make things easier to see with your remaining functional vision. CSEs technology specialist will guide you through the many brands, features and techniques necessary to master these devices. Recent technological advances have led to an explosion of choices including portable devices that are well worth exploring. Our evaluation and personalized training will help you make an informed decision before you invest in these devices.

Driving rehabilitation is a comprehensive training program that assists eligible patients to obtain a drivers license through the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). The visual guidelines for consideration include visual acuity ranging from 20/50 to 20/160 and peripheral or side vision of at least 140 degrees. Your eye care provider will be able to help identify if you may be a candidate for this program. Using a specialized telescope mounted in glasses, patients are able to see farther and in greater detail. Training includes behind-the-wheel evaluations with driving instructors to assure that you develop the appropriate skills and confidence. Ultimately, however, successful demonstration of your skills with a DPS trooper is necessary to obtain your drivers license and program participation is not a guarantee of success. We have been featured on KUHF local radio, and many patients have enjoyed the freedom of driving once again.