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Houston, Texas 77204

(713) 743-2020 | Monday - Friday 8AM -6PM

The Dry Eye Center (DEC) at the University Eye Institute is devoted to exceptional clinical care, clinical based research, and therapeutic treatments in tear film disorders.

Our doctors utilize state-of-the art technology to analyze the tear film and lacrimal system. Combined with our extensive training and expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of Dry Eye Syndrome, we will co-manage with your primary care physician, sub-specialists and insurance company to provide the best therapy for your specific condition.

What to bring to your appointment

  1. Medical and Vision Insurance cards
  2. Current glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses or a copy of your most recent glasses prescription (Rx)
  3. A list of all current medications including over the counter medications or any products being used to alleviate dry eye symptoms
  4. A list of medical doctors and health problems

What to expect at your appointment

  1. The Dry Eye Center operates in a team approach with fourth year professional students conducting the exam under the direct supervision of highly skilled clinical faculty. Final decisions regarding your prescription, contact lens design and materials, and, if needed, treatment of any eye diseases will be made by our faculty.
  2. The exam will consist of many elements including an assessment of vision, ocular health, and overall vision history. During the exam your dry eye team will utilize state-of-the-art technology to determine the most accurate diagnosis of your dry eye causes. Our extensive training and expertise in this field will help us customize a specific treatment strategy for you to help combat the signs and symptoms of dry eye. We pride ourselves in co-management with primary care doctors, insurance companies and referring optometrists to offer you the best combined therapy possible.