Scheduling / Cancelling Surgery

Our state of the art facility is designed with you in mind to provide the absolute best surgical eye care in Houston. Our experienced ophthalmic surgeons have dedicated themselves to caring for their patients from Houston and surrounding areas. At the UHCO Surgery Center we believe in your comfort, safety and your overall visual health.

Scheduling Your Procedure:

Your physician’s office will schedule your procedure with the UHCO surgery center and will provide us with your home phone number. If you wish us to contact you at a different phone number please notify our Surgery Center as soon as possible at (713) 743-7141.

Once the procedure is scheduled one of our staff members will contact you to gather information to finalize your insurance paper work and financial arrangements for the center’s portion of your care. A Pre-Op Nurse will also speak with you 72 hours prior to your procedure to gather answers for a health questionnaire in order to complete your medical records and to review your preoperative instructions. 

Please take this opportunity to ask any questions you have concerning your procedure and our facility. You are also welcome to stop by the center to speak with the scheduling coordinator or a nurse prior to your procedure.

Canceling Your Procedure:

If for some reason it is necessary to cancel your surgery appointment, it is very important that you contact your physician and the surgery center as soon as possible.