Optiwave Refractive Analysis System (ORA)

As surgeons manage more previous refractive surgery and toric intraocular lens patients, patient expectations for “perfect” outcomes continue to rise. One of the technologies attempting to address these realities is an instrument known as the Optiwave Refractive Analysis system, or ORA. The ORA device is a wavefront aberrometer, which lets the surgeon fine-tune spherical and astigmatic lens choices by measuring the refraction when the eye is aphakic and checking the refraction after the new lens is implanted. The device is attached to the bottom of the microscope. An optical data cord is run the length of the microscope to a mobile station (seen in the background).

The station is connected to the internet. Patient information is entered at the surgeons' office or manually entered via the touch screen. After the cataract is removed the ORA device then takes unobstructed measurements of the eye and with complex mathematical algorithms, compares pre-surgical A-scan data and either confirms IOL choice or makes a new selection. After the procedure is completed, data from the case is sent directly back to Alcon for examination and study. This data is then used to help Alcon improve the ORA with program updates via Internet connection.

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