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The College’s Periopsia Series is a vibrant seminar series in which leading scientists present their basic, clinical and/or translational research to the Houston-area vision community. University of Houston faculty, postdoctoral fellows, residents, students and staff are invited to attend, as well as scientists at other institutions in Houston.

All seminars are held in the UH Health and Biomedical Sciences Building in Room 203-E at 12:00 pm (unless otherwise noted).

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2017 - 2018 UHCO Periopsia Series

All seminars will be held at the UH Health and Biomedical Sciences Building in room 203-E at 12:00PM unless noted otherwise.

No Seminars scheduled at this time.

2017-2018 Previous Seminars

Tuesday, January 30

OCT derived Pigment epithelium central limit – Inner limit of the retina – Minimum Distance (PIMD): A high-resolution morphometric measure for glaucoma follow-up
Per Soderberg, MD, PhD

Chair, Department of Ophthalmology
Uppsala University
Host: Jan Bergmanson

Monday, November 27

Cornea development: New insights from periocular neural crest and embryonic corneal regeneration
Peter Lwigale, PhD

Associate Professor
Rice University

Monday, April 02

Neuroprotection and/or neurogenesis? Effect of an alpha7n AChR agonist in the adult mammalian retina
Cindy Linn, PhD

Western Michigan University

Monday, March 05

New advances in amblyopia screening and treatment
Eileen Birch, PhD, FARVO

Senior Research Scientist
Retina Foundation of the Southwest

Monday, February 12

Imaging and quantifying retinal ganglion cells in human subjects
Donald Miller, PhD

Indiana University School of Optometry

Tuesday, December 05

Effects of scleral lens wear on anterior ocular structures
Muriel Schornack, OD,FAAO

Optometrist/Consultant/Assistant Professor
Mayo Clinic

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