Research | UHCO Technical Services

Chris Kuether

I came to Houston in the summer of 1969 to join the staff of our college. At the time there were no graduate or research programs. In order to establish these programs, a certain amount of technical support was required.

I was made responsible for nearly everything in the college that wasn't strictly optometry. This included establishing an audio-visual capability, machine shop and electronics laboratory and handling maintenance of all the clinic equipment. Back then there wasn't any talk about these computer things. There are still some items in daily use here that were purchased clear back then from my requisitions.

In 1971 I was inducted into the American Academy of Optometry -- as a non-clinician educator. I've maintained fellowship ever since.

Much of my off-campus energy has been devoted to the Houston Civic Symphony. I've played principal Horn there for about the last fifteen years. I owe a lot to the Civic. It's given me a place to exercise my musical skills which were developed at Indiana University. It's also where I met my wife, the former Susan Elizabeth Russell. She's a cellist. Actually, I'm about to retire from the Horn section, and probably join up with the Basses. I did that in high school for kicks. [Also, it's closer to the cello section.]

Well, I owe a lot to our college, too. When I got here I was still in my twenties. With the exception of about eight years spent at Baylor College of Medicine, I've been here ever since. So I guess one thing I owe to the college is my graying hair and balding pate.