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Many times the HeadSpot will be used with some type of optical system. To allow small bench-built systems to be conveniently aligned with the observer in the HeadSpot, we have developed a means to attach small accessories to the main unit.

AccessoRack mounted on HeadSpot, with small optic railThe AccessoRack was developed specifically at the request of a vision researcher who wished to mount a stereoscope directly onto the HeadSpot.

Adjustable clamps are added to each of the uprights, from which small rods protrude. Typically the rods mount to the front, though they can be mounted laterally. Each rod has an end member which is adjustable the length of the rod and which can be used to clamp onother accessories. This permits mounting of many different devices directly to the HeadSpot.

The AccessoRack comprises six parts: two clamp members, two support rods, and two end members.


Mounted to the HeadSpot, the AccessoRack is useful for small optic rails. There is some adjustability in the anterior-posterior direction.

The cost of the AccessoRack is $250. Note that the optic rail in the photo is not part of the package. When ordered withthe HeadSpot, there is no additional shipping charge. Refer to the ordering information on the previous page.