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The College’s Periopsia Series is a vibrant seminar series in which leading scientists present their basic, clinical and/or translational research to the Houston-area vision community. University of Houston faculty, postdoctoral fellows, residents, students and staff are invited to attend, as well as scientists at other institutions in Houston.

All seminars are held in the UH Health 1 Building in Room 203-E at 12:00 pm (unless otherwise noted).

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2018 - 2019 UHCO Periopsia Series

All seminars will be held at the UH Health 1 Building in room 203-E at 12:00PM unless noted otherwise.

2018-2019 Previous Seminars

Monday, November 12

Myopia mysteries
Kate Gifford, PhD, FAAO

Clinical Optometrist
Gerry & Johnson Optometrists
Visiting Research Fellow
School of Optometry and Vision Science, Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Monday, February 11

Assessment, simulation and correction of binocular vision impairment
Peter Bex, PhD

Department of Psychology
Northeastern University

Monday, January 14

What you see isn't always what you get: The importance of functional testing with adaptive optics
Austin Roorda, PhD, FARVO

School of Optometry
University of California, Berkeley

Monday, October 15

Atypical functional and structural changes in the retina with ocular blast injury
Machelle Pardue, PhD

Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology & Emory University School of Medicine

Monday, September 17

The neurobiology of glaucoma
David Calkins, PhD, FARVO

Vice-Chair & Director for Research
Vanderbilt Eye Institute

Denis M. O'Day Professor of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

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