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Live cell imaging
Leica DMi8 inverted fluorescent microscope equipped with automated stage, and Oko temperature/O2/CO2 incubator and control system to perform live cell imaging.

Atomic force microscope
The lab is equipped with a Bruker BioScope Resolve AFM with heated, perfusion stage control, to perform quantitative mechanical mapping of (bio)materials, cells, matrices and tissues.

Mechanical stretch
Using StrexCell device, cells are subsjected to uni-axial static and cyclic stretch at defined conditions to study the mechanobiology of stretch.

NE200 (Inovenso) lab spcale single & co-axial nozzle electrospinner with homogeneity system to fabricate nanofibers/scaffolds for tissue engineering purposes.

Protein micropatterning
Primo (Alveole) device connected to a Leica inverted microscope to design and control the cellular micro-environment by micropatterning. The vertality of the instrument also allows for etching SU-8 to create lithographic molds.

Cell culture
The lab is equipped with a couple of biosafety cabinets, laminar/horizontal flow hoods, and multiple incubators to facilitate primary cell culture. 

Organ perfusion
Using a closed loop system comprising of 27G needle, pressure transducer, and syringe pump we are able to perform whole globe perfusions with precision control using a custom built MATLAB program.