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The UHCOTech HeadSpot is a general purpose device built for observer position establishment in psychophysical experiments in vision science. Several have been built and issued to research faculty and graduate students in our college, for a wide variety of vision experiments.

More than fourteen hundred HeadSpots are in use around the world.

Front View
Front View
Technical Drawing
Technical Drawing
Back View
Back View
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The HeadSpot consists of a chincup and forehead rest mounted as crossmembers between a pair of vertical posts. Both are adjustable vertically along the entire height of the post: eighteen inches. The lower extremities of the posts are mounted in clamp members which firmly attach to a table or bench top between 3/4 to 1-3/4 in thickness. The chincup is adjustable in a fore-aft direction by about +/- 1 cm. on its crossmember to allow adjustment of the "pitch" angle of the head and/or to accommodate differing chin-protrusions.

The structural posts are of aircraft aluminum alloy. Crossmembers and chincup are molded of polyurethane. The clamp members are polyurethane. Clamping and adjustment screws are steel. The finish of the entire unit is "optical" black.
The unit has been built to reliably locate an experimental subject. Its rigidity will withstand a lateral force of about fifteen pounds without deflecting more than a centimeter.

In response to requests from many users we've developed two optional versions: the WIDE version and the TALL version. The wide unit will accommodate most head-mounted apparatus including the EyeLink system. The tall version is useful for lower table tops or extra tall observers. For a comparison see this.

A dental impression component BiteBuddy is also available: 3 trays cost $250 plus $5 for virgin impression material.

To attach optical systems to the HeadSpot, we offer the AccessoRack: cost is $250.

A little development history.

The distribution price for the Standard HeadSpot is $600; Wide or Tall options are $75 more, and both together adds $150. Shipping is additional: shipping cost wil be quoted individually.

The HeadSpot will be available for the indefinite future from: Foundation for Education and Research in Vision (FERV) at 
University of Houston College of Optometry,

4901 Calhoun Rd. 
Houston , TX 77204
Phone and quote inquiries: 713.743.1795.
Fax inquiries and orders to FERV at 713.743.1769.

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