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Myopic Management Service

The Myopia Management Service provides advanced, evidence-based optical treatments for children who became nearsighted before age 10 and/or are progressing myopes. Children typically become myopic in their early school years and experience increases in their prescription until they reach early adulthood. It is during this time of rapid myopic progression that treatments offered by the Myopia Management Service will have the maximum impact.


Myopia Service: tel(713) 743-2016


Comprehensive Myopia Elective Course

The College of Optometry offers a comprehensive myopia elective course for 4th year optometry students. The goal of this course is to provide advanced training in treatment strategies to reduce myopia progression in children. Students will gain current, in-depth knowledge about optical and pharmaceutical treatments for myopia control. Students will complete self-directed learning modules and show competency through completion of quizzes and group discussions. Students will apply their knowledge through direct patient care with faculty attending doctors in the UHCO Myopia Management Service.