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NIH – Center Core Grant for Vision Research (P30 EY007551-34)

The Objective of the Center Core Grant for Vision Research at the University of Houston is increase knowledge about the structure and function of the visual system, and improve visual health by supporting investigators in individual labs, and in collaborations across labs and disciplines, in doing basic, clinical and translational research on vision and vision disorders.  Four resource and service Cores support and facilitate the broad objective, as follows:

Core Director Principal Associates Contact
I. Instrument Design Core:
Provides designs, prototypes, construction and maintenance of optical, mechanical, and electronic instrumentation for innovative vision research
Raymond Applegate Alex Schill Alex Schill
(713) 743-5795
II. Research Computer Programming Core:
Provides software design and development services to support and advance innovative vision research in the labs of the investigators.
Vallabh Das Hope Queener Hope Queener
(713) 743-0960
III. Biostatistics Support Core:
Assists with experimental design for basic, clinical and translational research, and supports the statistical and computational needs of investigators
Ruth Manny  Julia Benoit Julia Benoit
(832) 842 7014
IV. Biological Imaging Core:
Provides facilities for tissue preparation, light, confocal, and deconvolution fluorescence microscopy, live cell imaging, transmission electron microscopy (TEM), and scanning EM serial block-face (SEM-SBF) imaging
Alan R Burns Margaret Gondo Alan R Burns
(713) 743-1805
Administrative Core:
Administration, coordination, grants management
Laura J Frishman Colleen LaBorde,
Renee Rattelade
Laura J Frishman
(713) 743 1972