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CB43 - A Parental Vision Screening Checklist

A checklist completed by a parent that asks about birth and health risk factors, parent observations, and child behaviors. The checklist is under development to test a new way to screen children under the age of 3 years of age for eye problems.

NIH – Center Core Grant for Vision Research (P30 EY007551-34)

The Objective of the Center Core Grant for Vision Research at the University of Houston is increase knowledge about the structure and function of the visual system, and improve visual health by supporting investigators in individual labs, and in collaborations across labs and disciplines, in doing basic, clinical and translational research on vision and vision disorders.

Current TOSI Studies

The Ocular Surface Institute is bringing cutting edge clinical and scientific research in ocular surface disease to patient care around the world.

Ongoing Studies, Not Recruiting

Bifocal Lenses in Nearsighted Kids (BLINK) Study & BLINK2 Study

BLINK seeks to determine if soft bifocal contact lenses (typically used to help people over 40 see up close) slow the progression of nearsightedness (difficulty seeing far away).