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We know you have many choices when it comes to selecting a vision care provider. At the University Eye Institute, we believe there are at least 10 compelling reasons why you and your family should visit our facility.

  1. Exceptional Eye Care. The University Eye Institute offers services that range from complete vision exams to the medical and surgical management of eye disorders. Our nationally renowned vision professionals use advanced diagnostic instruments in over 80 exams rooms and 30 specialized testing areas, which means that you can be assured of the best possible vision care with the latest in vision technology.
  2. Convenience. We are located in the central part of the Houston metropolitan area, with convenient access to major roadways and free patient parking. We accept Medicare, Medicaid, major credit cards and most insurance plans. Because we have a large professional staff and ample exam facilities, we have many scheduling options for you.
  3. Eye Care for the Whole Family. The Family Practice Service provides complete vision care for individuals six years of age and older. (Our Pediatric and Binocular Vision Service serves younger children). In addition to their evaluation for common refractive conditions such as nearsightedness and farsightedness, patients who are unable to focus accurately and efficiently or who have difficulty with eye coordination may receive vision therapy.
  4. Fashionable and Functional Eyewear. The Essilor University Optical Service provides professional fittings for prescription eyewear and sunglasses and features a large collection of frames. We also offer specialized goggles and masks for sports enthusiasts as well as various vision-related accessories.
  5. Specialty Care for Children. The Pediatric and Binocular Vision Service examines children from birth through age 5 and older children with development at a preschool level. This Service also evaluates and treats children with learning difficulties.
  6. Specialty Care for Contact Lens Wearers. The Cornea and Contact Lens Service offers a large selection of daily and extended wear contact lenses. Services range from standard to highly complex lens designs. We have one of the largest inventories of contact lenses available in the greater Houston area. Corneal reshaping is available for patients who wish to reduce their dependence on glasses and contact lenses without undergoing corneal surgery.
  7. Care to Prevent and Reduce Vision Loss. The Ocular Diagnostic and Medical Eye Servicetreats patients with glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, corneal diseases, diabetic retinopathy, eye movement disorders and conditions such as dry eyes and double vision, to name a few.
  8. Care after Vision Loss. The Center for Sight Enhancement offers hope for patients with reduced vision, when conventional glasses, contact lenses or medical/surgical treatments are not effective. The Center provides comprehensive low vision evaluations, prescriptive devices and training. We also design and conduct rehabilitation therapy for stroke patients who may have lost some or all of their ability to use their peripheral vision.
  9. Specialty Care for Multiple Sclerosis Patients. The MS Eye CARE Service is the only eye care facility in the country that is a collaborative effort with the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Our physicians use various techniques to look for abnormalities in the retina and damage to the optic nerve that would indicate multiple sclerosis. Most experts agree that in more than half of MS patients, the neurological disorder first attacks the eyes, causing spotty or blurry vision and temporary or permanent loss of sight.
  10. Care for the Community. The University Eye Institute maintains a strong commitment to the community. UEI affiliated doctors donate over $2 million of indigent care annually and support three neighborhood clinics in the Houston area and one in Dallas. We also operate the Mobile Eye Institute which brings vision care to area schoolchildren and can be utilized during emergency situations.