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This center of the Pediatrics and Binocular Vision Service provides evaluation and treatment for children from infancy through 10 years of age, who are having difficulty learning letters, difficulty learning how to read or understand math, or learning difficulties in the classroom.

For more information on development and learning, download:

The Parent and Teacher's Guide to understanding and treating children with puzzling school learning problems.

Evaluations include:

  1. Eye examination
    • detailed assessment of prescription, eye muscle balance and focusing ability as they pertain to learning, including health assessment
  2. Developmental evaluation
    • perceptual skills for visual-spatial awareness and phonological awareness
    • achievement testing
    • cognitive ability screening

Management includes:

  1. Management of vision-related problems from eye examination
    • glasses and/or vision therapy for eye muscle or focusing problems
  2. Management of developmental/learning problems
    • parent counseling regarding findings and implications for classroom learning (to be completed at a follow-up visit with parent only)
    • detailed report including recommendations for classroom accommodations
    • remediation for visual-spatial and/or phonological awareness delays where appropriate, generally for children under 8 years of age
    • limited home-based activities to reinforce areas of academic difficulties where indicated
    • referral to other professionals as needed (note: We do not include language evaluation in our clinic a referral can be made to the University Speech, Language and Hearing Clinic)

To schedule an appointment with the Development Center, call (713) 743-2005