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Vision is the guiding sense for most sports, and sports vision training is an important factor in peak athletic performance. With the increasing emphasis on enhancing athletic abilities and the upsurge in sports and recreational activities, interest in vision care for professional and amateur athletes has intensified in recent years. While the term "sports vision" often conjures up high-profile sports such as soccer, football, softball, basketball and ice hockey, many sports vision enthusiasts simply enjoy a sport or recreational activity, such as tennis or golf.

Sports vision is designed to protect, correct and enhance vision in order to make sports and athletic competition safe, enjoyable and more successful. Sports vision encompasses a broad scope of professional skills, including the prevention and management of sports-related eye injuries; the determination and delivery of an accurate refractive correction; the fitting of appropriate eyewear; the understanding of filters and their potential application in sports; the assessment and remediation of functional vision inefficiencies; the assessment of sports-specific vision skills; vision training to enhance visual performance, and consultation with athletes and other sports personnel.

The Sports Vision Performance Center at the University Eye Institute evaluates and treats professional, amateur and weekend athletes who are interested in enhancing their visual system as it relates to their participation in a wide variety of sports activities. Comprehensive eye exams, including patient education, vision correction, eye-hand coordination exercises, and protective eyewear are utilized in an integrated and carefully monitored fashion to enhance athletic performance.

A comprehensive sports vision evaluation tests the following:

  • Static visual acuity
  • Dynamic visual acuity
  • Contrast sensitivity
  • Dominant eye
  • Ocular motilities
  • Accommodation/convergence (focusing)
  • Eye teaming/depth perception (stereopsis)
  • Peripheral awareness
  • Speed of recognition
  • Eye/hand/foot coordination
  • Anticipation timing
  • Eye/foot reaction timing
  • Night/glare vision and recovery
  • Visual concentration

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