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Eye Exams

Family Practice

Provides complete vision care for individuals six years of age and older.

Contact Lens

Cornea & Contact Lens Service

Provides comprehensive vision care including fitting and prescribing customized contact lenses to correct myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism and presbyopia (age-related problem of focusing at near).


Pediatrics & Binocular Vision Center

Provides evaluation and management for patients under six years of age, patients whose development is at a preschool level, and patients of all ages with eye teaming problems such as amblyopia "lazy eye", diplopia "double vision", and strabismus "crossed eye".

Prescription Eyewear

Essilor Optical Services

Providing quality prescription eyewear and sunglasses to the public at competitive prices. With over 1,500 frames from which to choose, our patients are sure to find name brand frames that not only look great but fit great.

Low Vision

The Center for Sight Enhancement

Provides multidisciplinary service, training and resources in low vision rehabilitation to help people of all ages with vision loss lead independent and productive lives.

Dry Eye

The Dry Eye Center

Devoted to exceptional clinical care, clinical based research, and therapeutic treatments in tear film disorders.

Medical Eye

The Ocular Diagnostic & Medical Eye Service

The Ocular Diagnostic and Medical Eye Service evaluates and treats patients with a wide range of conditions. Specialties include glaucoma, oculoplastics, neuro-ophthalmology, retinal disease, and cornea and external eye diseases.

The Myopia Mangement Service

The Myopia Management Service provides advanced, evidence-based treatments to help children from becoming so nearsighted (myopic). Children typically become myopic in their early school years, and increase in myopia until they reach early adulthood. It is during this time of rapid myopic progression that treatments offered by the Myopia Management Service will have the maximum impact.

Brain Injuries

Brain Injury Vision Assessment & Rehabilitation

Offering specialized evaluation and management of visual deficits resulting from concussion as well as mild, moderate, and severe acquired brain injury caused by accidents, strokes, brain tumor resections, and other neurologic disorders.