How to Refer a Patient

Online Referral Guidelines

For your convenience The University of Houston College of Optometry (UHCO) created a portal which allows you to submit digital referrals to the Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) and the University Eye Institute (UEI). This online portal also allows you to track your patients consultation/surgical dates which are uploaded by our team daily. To request portal access, please contact Mikalyn Conner at: (979) 257-8105 or via email at: Once your portal login has been created, Mikalyn will schedule a time to review the referral and co-management process.

Paper Referral Guidelines

While we always recommend the online portal for patient referrals, to request a fax referral form for the UHCO ASC/UEI, please contact Mikalyn Conner at (979) 257-8105 or via email at The UHCO ASC fax number is: (832) 842-5155. The UEI fax number is: (713) 743-0963.

Referring doctors are welcome to participate in the surgical experience with their patients. Please inform us if you plan to attend your patients surgery.