How to Refer a Patient

Online Referral Guidelines 

For your convenience The UH College of Optometry Surgery Center now offers the capability to submit online referrals. Please contact Chaminga Lorensuhewa via phone at 713.743.1856 or via email at to obtain an online referral account and instructions.

We will show you step by step on how to make an online referral conveniently with ease.  This online referral portal will enable you to track your patients progress through scheduling, pre-op, surgery and post-op care.  

Those doctors who wish to participate in post-op care must be certified by the surgeon. For those that have not been certified please contact Chaminga Lorensuhewa at 713.743.1856.   

Paper Referral Guidelines 

Call the UH College of Optometry Surgery Center and ask for Jerrie Graves at 713.743.7042 to schedule your patient for a Pre-Operative Evaluation with a surgeon of your choice.

Fill out the Patient Surgical Referral Form and Fax it to the UH College of Optometry Surgery Center at 713.743.7142  to the attention: Jerrie Graves

Referring Doctors are welcome to participate in the surgical experience with their patients.  Please inform us if you plan to attend your patients surgery.