LenSx Laser

The LenSx® Laser uses focused femtosecond laser pulses to create incisions in the lens capsule, crystalline lens, and the cornea. The result is a procedure that is tailored to your specifications and delivers a remarkable degree of accuracy. The LenSx® Laser is the first femto- second laser cleared by the FDA for use in cataract surgery. The system is used for:

  1. Anterior capsulotomy
  2. Lens fragmentation
  3. All corneal incisions, including arcuate incisions

The LenSx® Laser brings a new level of precision to these surgical steps through a number of high-tech features such as:

  • Real-time video imaging with integrated OCT.
  • Provides three-dimensional visualization of the entire anterior segment during docking, planning, and procedure.
  • Curved patient interface is designed for patient comfort, ease of use, and optimal laser performance.
  • Intuitive touch screen graphic user interface allows each step of the procedure to be easily planned, customized, and executed.
  • True image-guided surgical planning. Enables the surgeon to precisely program the size, shape, and location of each incision. Ensures clean, precise incisions of any shape, at every depth. Utilizes variable spot size and variable laser energy for optimized tissue interaction.

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