With age, the muscles of your eyelids weaken,  and in addition to the loss of elasticity of the skin results in sagging eyelids. Droopy eyelids can get in your line of sight and reduce your peripheral vision. A blepharoplasty is a procedure preformed in our surgical center with local anesthesia, where the excess skin of the eyelids is removed, and when necessary ptosis repaired. After a complete evaluation of your eyes, your surgeon will inform  you on the procedures that will be used to best take care of your case.

Healing Process

Stitches are removed after 3-4 days, most patients return to work in 10 days. Contact lenses may not be work for 2 weeks. The effect can last for a long time and sometimes even permanent.
It is a dropping of the upper eyelid, partly covering the pupil. It caused a tired, sleepy appearance and it reduces vision. The causes are aging and long term rigid wear of contact lenses. This can be corrected by tightening the levator of muscle. The Ptosis repair is performed through an incision in the normal crease in the upper lid.