Frequently Asked Questions:


Is it painful?

Most patients do not complain of pain but do note a slight pressure. Numbing drops are applied to the outside and injected inside the eye to alleviate the risk of pain. Pain medicine can also be given intravenously through an IV if needed.

Will I be put to sleep?

The answer is No. For surgery you are given valium to help you relax. An IV is also started in the event that you get uncomfortable in the operating room or are more anxious then the valium is able to relax.

Are both eyes done at the same time?

We do not do both eyes on the same day. There is generally a 1-2 week wait between each eye. Insurance companies will not allow both eyes to be done on the same day. Even for cash patients, we still wait 1-2 weeks between eyes so that we can make sure the first eye is healed before affecting vision of the other eye.

How long will I be there?

Plan to be at the surgery center for about 3 hours. The majority of this time is needed to get you registered and prepare your eye for surgery. The procedure only takes 15-20 minutes depending on the surgeon. Once surgery is completed, you will be in recovery for about 10 minutes.

Will I be patched after surgery?

Whether or not you will have a patch is at the surgeon’s discretion. Some surgeons patch everyone and some surgeons do not patch anyone. The purpose of the patch is to keep you from inadvertently bumping or rubbing your eye when you sleep. If your surgeon does not patch you and you feel you are at risk for bumping or rubbing your eye, feel free to ask for a patch from your post op nurse.

When can I go back to work/driving?

Most patients return to work within 1-2 days of surgery; however, returning to work is assessed on a patient by patient basis. Patients who have jobs requiring heavy lifting or who are at risk for eye injuries can be kept out of work for up to a week.  While most patients are feeling back to normal the next day, we ask that you do not drive until we are able to assess your vision.

Can I travel after surgery?

You will be able to travel anywhere from 1 day to 1 week after surgery depending on the type and location of travel. We ask that you do not travel to a foreign country for at least one week to insure the risk for infection is gone. Make sure that where ever you are traveling and your method of travel are conducive to putting in your post op drops.

Where do I park once at the surgery center?

When you arrive at the center, you will park in parking lot 2A. This is located on side and directly behind the building. Inform the parking attendant that you are here for the surgery center and he/she will let you in. You will be given a token to get back out of the gated area.

Does my friend/family member have to stay?

While we do understand that someone cannot always stay and wait for your procedure to be completed, it is preferred that your driver remain at the surgery center in the rare case of an emergency. In the even that he or she cannot, we ask that a contact phone number be left and we know the estimated time it will take them to return to the center to pick you up.