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Dr. Makler and the joy of helping people

By: Sarat Pratapchandran Posted On: 11/05/2020

Dr. Edward Makler ’72

During the early days of the pandemic, healthcare professionals were desperately trying to purchase face masks. However, Dallas-based Dr. Edward Makler ’72 and his daughter, Amy, were already at the forefront trying to bring much-needed face masks and thermometers for hundreds of optometrists, ophthalmologists and allied healthcare professionals. One of their close contacts, an importer, had access to large quantities of masks, thermometers and other PPE.

Dr. Makler saw a surge in demand from fellow optometrists at the North Texas Study Group, the longest running optometry study group in the country and he started ordering face masks for them. Later, Amy who runs the office made a couple of posts on social media sites for ODs and demand spiked over hundred-fold! People from different parts of the country started contacting her for masks and other equipment.

The calls for masks became so intense that Amy had to transform parts of Makler Optical into a mini-Amazon warehouse. The entire Makler family and other staff members started working almost 24x7 to help people in need of masks. On most days they had to pack and ship hundreds of face masks to clients around the country.

To keep up with demand, they created a new small business, SanitEyes. Over the past few months, the company has expanded and now does comprehensive distribution of PPE. They have shipped over 60,000 masks and had to adjust prices multiple times as the prices of masks fell as supplies increased.

Amy and Dr. Makler bootstrapped a new venture amid the pandemic helping people in need. Dr. Makler has donated both PPE and money to multiple entities including the American Optometry Association’s Recovery Fund and the father-daughter team believes that the joy they got out of helping people during the pandemic was priceless!