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2019 Research Poster Showcase

Posted On: 01/30/2019

UHCO hosted the 2019 UHCO Research Showcase this past Friday, January 25th. The goal of this poster session is to highlight and increase awareness of the research and clinical case reports conducted by graduate students, optometry summer research students, postdocs, research assistants/associates, residents and fellows associated with UHCO.  In addition, it is an opportunity for research groups at UH, outside of UHCO, to participate in an on-campus poster event dedicated to vision research.  

The Graduate Program in Physiological Optics/Vision Science confers an MS and/or PhD degree and prepares students to embark on a career in teaching and/or research in the basic or clinical science of vision. Students are accepted into the program with a minimum of a BS degree (or the equivalent) from a variety of fields such as optometry, physiological optics, vision sciences, medicine, ophthalmology, structural and functional biosciences, neuroscience, psychology, optics, bioengineering, and biophysics.

The Graduate program offers a Master of Science degree, combined OD/MS degree, a Doctorate of Pholosophy and a combined OD/PhD degree. 

Residency programs are available at the University of Houston College of Optometry and at external sites. These programs are designed to provide optometrists with advanced clinical training and knowledge. While the program focus is on direct patient care, scholarly and didactic activities also contribute to the development of the advanced clinical competencies.

Residency programs are located in Houston, Dallas and Ft Worth, TX, Phoenix, AZ, Denver, CO, and Albuquerque, NM.