Future Students & Residents | Transferring to UHCO

Pre-optometry advising sessions are available! Please visit Lyle Tate’s Calendly page here to schedule an advising appointment.

O.D. Applicants: Please note that our letter of recommendation requirements for applying to our professional O.D. program have changed. Click here for details.

In order for an optometry student from another school or college of optometry to be considered for transfer, the following conditions must be met:

  • The satisfactory completion of at least one year of course work from a school or college of optometry accredited by the Accreditation Council on Optometric Education Association.
  • Submission of all official undergraduate and post-baccalaureate transcripts to UHCO.
  • Letter from the dean of the current optometric institution supporting the request for transfer and confirming the good academic standing of the student.
  • Letter from the student detailing his or her reasoning for the transfer request.
  • Completion of the UHCO application with appropriate application fees.

All students interested in applying for transfer are encouraged to contact the Office of Optometry Relations at UHCO. Because of limited class size and the differences in curricula among institutions, transfers are generally discouraged. However, transfers are considered on an individual basis and depend on current class size, compatibility between the curricula of the two colleges and the reason for the transfer request. Generally, due to differences in course sequences among optometric programs, transfers result in an extension of the professional educational program beyond the minimum of four years.


Principal Contact: Mr. Lyle Tate, Admission and Recruiting Manager 

Email: dltate@central.uh.edu

Phone: 713.743.2044