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Eye Center of Texas Ocular Disease

Program Site:

Eye Center of Texas



Application Deadline

February 1

Program Coordinator/Contact:

Amanda Bachman, O.D. and Ben Roach, O.D.
Eye Center of Texas  
6565 West Loop South Suite 650
Dallas, Texas 75219  

  Telephone: (713) 797-1010 
  FAX: (713) 357-7279
 E-Mail: amandabachman@hotmail.com


Affiliated to which optometric institution:

University of Houston College of Optometry

Mission and Description of Program:

The mission of the residency program is to provide qualified postdoctoral optometry graduates with advanced competency in all areas of ocular disease and co-management of ocular surgery. Patient care didactic education, and scholarship promote the development of this knowledge and skill. Residents who complete the program are expected to provide an advanced level of clinical care in ocular disease and co-management of ocular surgery.
The resident will interact with specialists in retina, anterior segment, cataract, glaucoma, strabismus and Refractive surgery. Clinical experience is obtained through direct patient care and as a clinical attending for optometry externs. Residents attend resident seminars and continuing education with attendings at Eye Center of Texas and Clinical Rounds at UHCO including the development and presentation of one clinical case.

Length of Program: 13 Months
Starting date of program: Last Monday of June
Cost of tuition to resident/graduate student: None
Salary /Stipend: $38,500 /year
Curriculum requirements in hours: 45-60 hours/week
Date Program Established: 2000
Benefits (if applicable):
  1. Medical insurance
  2. Professional Liability Protection provided
  3. State License Renewal Paid
  4. Residents receive 5 days of paid time off vacation, 3 days for continuing education and 8 days of paid time off holidays.
  5. 401K benefits with 3% of salary contributed by Eye Center of Texas
  6. $500 stipend for continuing education
  7. LASIK/PRK at no cost

Completion acknowledgement

  •   Certificate
  •   Degree

Accreditation Status:

Accredited by the Accreditation Council on Optometric Education, 243 N. Lindbergh Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63141, 314-991-4100


Educational Opportunities:

Direct patient care, clinic attending, case review conferences, observation of ophthalmological surgery, clinical rounds, self study time, and research activities. The resident will attend Clinical Rounds and the Resident Seminar Programs.

Research Responsibilities:

Residents are expected to present a poster/presentation at a regional or national meeting or write a paper of publishable quality.

Requirements for Completion

  1. The resident is required to deliver clinical services at a level which is satisfactory to the clinic attending and residency program coordinator.
  2. The resident is required to keep a patient log, which is turned in monthly and reviewed by the resident coordinator.
  3. The resident is required to present one rounds style case presentation.
  4. The resident must complete all teaching assignments and conduct six seminars for externs.
  5. The resident is required to successfully complete all clinical rotations.
  6. The resident must present a poster/presentation at a regional or national meeting or write a paper of publishable quality.
  7. The resident is required to complete all evaluations of attendings, residency program coordinator, and the residency program.
  8. Upon completing all requirements of the program to the satisfaction of the Director of Residency Program and Residency Program Coordinator, a certificate of completion will be awarded to the resident.
  1. Doctor of optometry degree (OD) from an Accreditation Council on Optometric Education (ACOE) accredited school or college of optometry
  2. Two letters of reference from clinical faculty members
  3. Copy of all optometry transcripts
  4. Curriculum Vita and a letter of intent
  5. Pass all parts of the NBEO prior to the beginning of the residency
  6. A State of Texas Optometry license (completion of testing prior to beginning of program)

Application materials and procedures can be obtained by writing:

Amanda Bachman, O.D. and Ben Roach, O.D.
6565 West Loop South Suite 650
Houston, Texas 77401

 (713) 797-1010

  (713) 357-7279