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Grievance Procedure

Step 1: Resolution of the grievance through informal efforts
Every effort shall be made by the graduate student and the faculty member(s) involved to settle their differences amiably and informally to redress their grievance. If appropriate or necessary, the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies shall participate in this informal effort to resolve this grievance. If appropriate, the aid of a disinterested mediator should be sought to aid resolution. A grievance involving the Associate Dean will begin with a similar process mediated by the vision sciences department chair or his/her designee.

Step 2: “Complaint” within 10 days if informal efforts fail to settle the grievance
In the event that an informal resolution is not possible, the graduate student may petition the Associate Dean by filing a document, the "Complaint", within 10 days of the mutual decision that the grievance cannot be settled informally. The formal written "Complaint" must state (a) when he/she discovered the issue being grieved, (b) what issue is being grieved and the evidence to support the grievance, (c) the desired resolution, (d) the postal (not e-mail) address to which written communication may be sent. It is the responsibility of the grievant to notify the office handling the grievance of any change of address during the course of the grievance. After receipt of the "Complaint", the Associate Dean must respond in writing to the grievant within 10 working days.

Step 3: Formal written "Petition" In the event that a resolution is not possible at the graduate program level (paragraphs 1 and 2 above), the grievant may petition the Dean of the College of Optometry, against which the grievance is held, or the Dean’s designee by submitting a formal written "Petition," appended to the written "Complaint" and the Associate Dean’s written response, within 10 working days after the decision of the Associate Dean. The grievant may include in his/her notice of appeal copies of any documentation that he or she considers useful at this point, but shall retain possession of the originals. The Dean of the college must respond in writing within 20 days, and the response must include an explanation for his/her decision.

Step 4: Appeal seeking university level review by the Graduate and Professional Studies Grievance Committee (GPSGC), which is under the purview of the Dean of Graduate and Professional StudiesPlease read the Grievance Policy and Procedures for Graduate, Professional, & Post-baccalaureate Students that can be found in the graduate catalogue