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Pre-optometry advisors are available for advising sessions! Please email Lyle Tate at dltate@central.uh.edu to arrange for a phone-, Zoom-, Teams-, FaceTime-, or email-based advising session.

O.D. Applicants: Please note that our letter of recommendation requirements for applying to our professional O.D. program have changed. Click here for details, and feel free to contact Lyle Tate at dltate@central.uh.edu or 713-743-2044 with questions.

Program Prerequisites

Prerequisite Courses

Course # of Hours
Biological Sciences with Labs A 8 Hours
Fundamentals of Chemistry with Labs A 8 Hours
General Physics with Labs A,B 8 Hours
Calculus C 3 Hours
Jr/Sr-Level Human Anatomy and/or Human Physiology D 3 Hours
Jr/Sr-Level Human Systems-Focused Biology D 5 Hours
Organic Chemistry with Lab> 4 Hours
Biochemistry 3 Hours
Microbiology with Lab A 4 Hours
Statistics 3 Hours
Psychology 3 Hours