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Office of Optometry Relations

The Office of Optometry Relations (OOR) is a team devoted to the needs of our students, faculty, alumni, donors and corporate friends. We cover program areas ranging from recruiting and admission, current student services, alumni, contiuning education and more. If you have any questions about any of our services please feel free to stop by, email, or give us a phone call. 

Melissa Mares Exec. Director and Associate Dean, Student Affairs 713.743.1284 mamares@central.uh.edu
Jennifer Ebert Director 713.743.1901 jebert@central.uh.edu
Hayley Brown Continuing Education 713.743.1902 htbrown@central.uh.edu
David Gee Graphics and Visual Arts Services 713.743.2051 dgee@central.uh.edu
Amanda Johnson Continuing Education 713.743.2419 apjohns7@central.uh.edu
Charlet King Office of Optometry Relations 713.743.1847 cking@central.uh.edu
Cristian Loayza Externships & Vision Screenings 713.743.1990 cloayza@central.uh.edu
Liz Mauzy FERV & Special Projects 713.743.1795 emauzy@central.uh.edu
Ashley Olheiser Development & Special Events 713.743.2175 aolheiser@central.uh.edu
Scott Parker Financial Aid 832.842.9024 sparke2@central.uh.edu
Tiffany Robinson Admissions & Student Services 713.743.7741 trobinson@central.uh.edu
Michelle Stafford Current Student Services 713.743.2045 mstafford@central.uh.edu
Lyle Tate Admissions & Counseling 713.743.2044 dltate@central.uh.edu