Faculty & Staff

Important Dates & Holidays


13 All UEI clinics, classes and externships begin Monday
18-19 OPT IV Practice Management Class Saturday and Sunday
27 Memorial Day Holiday Monday


15-16 OPT IV Practice Management Class Saturday and Sunday
19-23 AOA Congress Wednesday thru Sunday
(All clinics and classes continue to meet as scheduled)


4 Independence Day Holiday Thursday
19 NBEO Part Three Workshop for all in-house OPT IV students 
Friday PM OPT 4 clinics closed; all OPT 3 clinics operate as scheduled


9 All clinics, externships and classes end Friday


15-16 First Year Orientation Thursday & Friday
19 All clinics, externships, classes and labs begin Monday


2 Labor Day Holiday Monday
3 Mandatory OPT III D & I/Punctal Plug Workshop Tuesday evening
12 &14 OPT III Meetings with Externship Preceptors Thursday evening & Saturday morning
18-24 OPT I & OPT II Exam Week #1 Wednesday thru Tuesday
21-22 OPT IV Practice Management Class Saturday and Sunday
28-29 KMK NBEO Part One Prep Course Saturday and Sunday


14 OPT IV Practice Management Benedict Professor Lecture Monday
19-20 OPT IV Practice Management Class Saturday and Sunday
22-25 OPT III & IV Classes and Clinics Cancelled for American Academy of Optometry Tuesday thru Friday
(does not apply to all externship sites)
23-29 OPT I & OPT II Exam Week #2 Wednesday thru Tuesday


2 OPT II Mock Competency for Pre-Clinical Practicum Saturday
22 OPT II Pre-Clinical Practicum – No classes, clinics, or labs Friday
(does not apply to externship students)
22-24 KMK NBEO Part One Prep Course Friday through Sunday
26 All externships, classes, labs, and clinics end Tuesday
27-29 Thanksgiving Holiday Wednesday thru Friday


2-11 2-11  Final Exams Monday thru Wednesday
3 OR 5 NBEO Part II (PAM) Tuesday or Thursday
(OPT IV students select one)
16 Deadline to submit all class and laboratory final grades Monday

UH News

July 22, 2019
UH Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 Moon Mission
By Jeannie Kever:: The University of Houston will host several activities this week to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon mission. The events are free and open to the public.
July 22, 2019
The Role of Racial Discrimination in Alcohol Abuse
By Laurie Fickman:: A University of Houston psychologist is examining the impact of racial discrimination in moderate-to-heavy drinking adult Latinxs. Research shows that drinking patterns among Latinxs are different than those of non-Hispanic whites and other ethnic or racial groups.
July 18, 2019
New Low-Cost Thermoelectric Material Works at Room Temperature
By Jeannie Kever:: The widespread adoption of thermoelectric devices that can directly convert electricity into thermal energy for cooling and heating has been hindered, in part, by the lack of materials that are both inexpensive and highly efficient at room temperature. Now researchers have reported the discovery of a new material that works efficiently while requiring almost no costly tellurium, a major component of the current state-of-the-art material.
July 18, 2019
UH System Launches $2 Million Technology Bridging Fund
By Jeannie Kever:: The University of Houston System has launched a $2 million research fund to help faculty inventors bridge the gap between research and commercialization.
July 17, 2019
Winning Performer: David Huynh Talks Acting and Asians in Entertainment
By Sara Tubbs:: David Huynh’s parents wanted him to be a cardiologist, but his heart longed for the stage. This summer, the 2014 Master of Fine Arts graduate of the University of Houston’s Professional Actor Training Program will make his third appearance in the Houston Shakespeare Festival.
July 15, 2019
UH Hosts First International Women’s Wheelchair Rugby Tournament
By Chris Stipes:: High-octane, full-contact wheelchair rugby action is coming to the University of Houston Campus Recreation and Wellness Center this week. The Women’s World Wheelchair Rugby Invitational Clinic, presented by the Halliburton Charitable Foundation, is the first international wheelchair rugby event exclusively for women ever to be held in the United States.
July 15, 2019
Young Inventors Unleash Creativity at UH Camp
By Jeannie Kever:: Inspiration isn’t limited to adults working in a laboratory or home office. Students at the Chiyoda Young Innovators’ STEM Academy are spending the two-week program learning how to turn an idea into a product.
July 11, 2019
Targeting New Treatments for Concussions by Transforming Brain Pathology
By Laurie Fickman:: Badri Roysam, chair of the University of Houston Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, is leading a $3.19 million project to create new technology that could provide an unprecedented look at the injured brain and lead to new therapies for concussions.