Faculty & Staff

Important Dates & Holidays


16th-17th First Year Orientation Thursday and Friday
20th All clinics, externships, classes, and labs begin Monday


3rd Labor Day Holiday Monday
15th OPT III & Externship Preceptors Meeting Saturday
15th-16th OPT IV Practice Management Class Saturday and Sunday
19th-25th OPT I & OPT II Exam Week #1 Wednesday thru Tuesday
20th OPT IV Practice Management Class Professional Responsibility Lecture Thursday


6th-7th OPT III Clinical Medicine Course Saturday and Sunday
19th-21st OPT III KMK NBEO Review Course Weekend #1 Friday P.M. - Sunday
No OPT III Clinics Friday afternoon only. All Friday morning clinics operate as scheduled.
24th-30th OPT I & OPT II Exam Week #2 Wednesday thru Tuesday
27th-28th OPT IV Practice Management Class Saturday and Sunday
29th OPT IV Practice Management Class Benedict Lecture Monday


3rd OPT II Mock Competency for Pre-Clinical Practicum Saturday
6th-9th OPT III & IV Classes and Clinics Cancelled for American Academy of Optometry Tuesday thru Friday
(does not apply to all externship sites)
7th-10th American Academy of Optometry Wednesday thru Saturday
17th-18th OPT III KMK NBEO Review Course Weekend #2 Saturday and Sunday
19th OPT II Pre-Clinical Practicum – No classes, clinics, or labs Monday
(does not apply to externship students)
21st-23rd Thanksgiving Holiday Wednesday thru Friday
(externship students will have to verify exact days with their site.)
30th All externships, classes, labs, and clinics end Friday


3rd-12th Final Exams Monday thru Wednesday
4th or 6th NBEO Part II (PAM) Tuesday or Thursday
(OPT IV students select one)


4th OPT II Clinic Orientation and White Coat Ceremony Friday
7th All classes, labs, clinics, and externships begin Monday
21st Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday (UHCO and federal externships) Monday


2nd-3rd OPT IV Practice Management Class Saturday and Sunday
6th-12th OPT I Exam Week I Wednesday thru Tuesday
14th-15th No classes, labs or clinics (UEI only) Thursday-Friday
14th-17th TOA Convention Thursday thru Sunday
TBD OPT IV Practice Management Course Professional Responsibility Lecture


4th-8th No OPT 3 classes, labs or clinics; all OPT I, OPT 2 and OPT 4 classes, labs, and clinics operate as scheduled Monday thru Friday
11th-15th Spring Break Monday thru Friday
18th-22nd No OPT 3 classes or labs; OPT 3 clinics will remain open Monday thru Friday
19th-22nd NBEO Part I (ABS) Exam Tuesday thru Friday (test is a single day; students excused from clinics day before and day of their scheduled exam day)
20th-26th OPT I Exam Week II Wednesday thru Tuesday
23rd-24th OPT IV Practice Management Class Saturday and Sunday


6th Spring Awards Banquet Saturday
8th OPT IV Practice Management Course Benedict Professor Lecture Monday evening
9th Cornea & Contact Lens Service Orientation (for current OPT II students) Tuesday evening
14th UHCOpen House Sunday
16th Ocular Diagnostics Service Orientation (for current OPT II students) Tuesday evening
19th All OPT I & OPT II classes & labs, OPT II clinics, OPT IV clinics, & externships end Friday
25th OPT III classes, labs & clinics end Thursday


22nd-3rd Final Exams Monday thru Friday
28th-2nd ARVO Sunday thru Thursday


11th Convocation Saturday

UH News

March 18, 2019
Can People Learn to Embrace Risk?
By Jeannie Kever:: Studies have shown women are more risk-averse than men, a trait experts say could help to explain the persistent wage gap between men and women. New research suggests those gender differences in risk aversion are shaped by culture and the social environment and that those differences can shift, at least in children.
March 18, 2019
Hilton University of Houston to Undergo $30.4 Million Expansion and Renovation
By Chris Stipes:: A $30.4 million project to expand and renovate the Hilton University of Houston, the teaching hotel for students at UH’s Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management, has been approved by the University of Houston System Board of Regents.
March 14, 2019
Doctor Video Visits Increase Access to Healthcare but Could Risk Fragmentation
By Chris Stipes:: In today’s fast-paced digital society, virtual doctor visits are on the rise and offer patients a more convenient way to receive medical care from anywhere. Dr. Winston Liaw from the UH College of Medicine led the first study to examine the relationship between telehealth use and access to primary care.
March 12, 2019
UH Graduate Programs Recognized in Latest U.S. News Rankings
By None:: Eleven graduate programs at the University of Houston have been ranked as Top 50 programs in their disciplines in the 2020 U.S. News & World Report graduate program rankings released today.
March 12, 2019
Unraveling the Mystery of Life: House Fly Edition
By Laurie Fickman:: Richard Meisel, assistant professor of biology and biochemistry, has received a Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award of $1.2 million from the National Science Foundation to study sex determination of house flies. His work just may reduce the burden of houseflies as pests.
March 11, 2019
Researchers Report New Light-Activated Micro Pump
By Jeannie Kever:: Even the smallest mechanical pumps have limitations, from the complex microfabrication techniques required to make them to the fact that there are limits on how small they can be. Researchers have announced a potential solution – a laser-driven photoacoustic microfluidic pump, capable of moving fluids in any direction without moving parts or electrical contacts.
March 11, 2019
Concept to Construction: UH Architecture Students Think Outside the Box
By Sara Tubbs:: Master of Architecture students in the Graduate Design/Build Studio at the University of Houston Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design are designing an outdoor classroom at HISD's Frank Black Middle School.
March 6, 2019
UH Geologist Tackles Reconstruction of Panthalassa-Pacific Plates
By Jeannie Kever:: A geologist at the University of Houston is reconstructing the Panthalassa-Pacific plates dating back to the Mesozoic era – which began about 250 million years ago – offering the potential to more precisely tune geological models dealing with climate, ocean circulation and other major phenomena.