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Audio Visual Department

Welcome to the Audio Visual Department at the College of Optometry.  The following is a list of all services that are available through the AV Department.  While this information serves as a general guide, each project will be reviewed on an individual basis. If you have any questions about any of our services please feel free to stop by, email, or give us a phone call.

Normal turnaround time on all jobs is 5 working days. 

Kim Thompson Manager/AV Department 713.743.1744


Computer Graphics

The AV Dept. is able to accept graphic files created from a variety of file formats (TIF, GIF, AI, EPS, JPEG, PDF, BMP, PSD, PICT, etc) which can be used to create presentation slides, overhead transparencies, color prints, digital files, posters and laser prints.We are also available to provide you support on setting up your graphic programs and producing the correct file formats for output.

Desktop Publishing

From traditional signs to posters, brochures, logo designs or technical illustrations, our skilled staff will assist you with the latest in desktop publishing. In addition to black and white output, we can print color paper copies, 35mm slides or transparencies from a variety of sources.

Presentation Graphics

Do you have a big ideas for your lectures or presentations in the classroom or at an upcoming conference? Our trained staff can help you to create it. Possibilities include 35mm slides, PowerPoint files, digital files and large format posters.

Digital Imaging

We have a dedicated 35mm slide scanner that can scan any type of 35mm film (slide/negative, color/B&W).We offer full color, black and white and line art scanning of originals in print or transparency form. Scanned images can be placed into your documents. We can digitally retouch or enhance images and output to transportable media. Images can be saved in both Macintosh and IBM-PC format.

  • High quality scans from slides
    or negative film (35mm)
  • High quality flatbed scans from flat copy
  • Image enhancement: color, contrast and special effects
  • Images titled, labeled and composited
  • High quality digital prints sized to your needs (color, B/W)
  • Network transfer of your job files


Flat work, 24 inches in width or less, can easily be laminated with a thin plastic film. One of the advantages of this film is that nonpermanent overhead markers can be used on the surface and then wiped off. 

Digital Photography

If you have an upcoming event that you would like photographed, please give us a call or stop by. We are able to travel to your department and bring the required camera and lighting equipment.In addition to prior notice, please provide a detailed description of your requirements including the final use of the material, the nature of the shoot (i.e. what you require to be in the shot), the number of images, the format of film (slide or print), the location space (large or small, inside or outside, is there power available), the number of people involved, etc.. The more information we have, the faster the job can be completed.

Photography Services - slides (including digital), display transparencies, publication prints
Copy Photography - art, book illustrations, blue slides, physiologic tracings, slide duplications, digital slides, radiological films
Small Object Photography - electronic components, glass apparatus, surgical instruments 
Studio Photography - patients, special set-ups, equipment, apparatus, portraiture, and application pictures
Location Photography - surgery, patients, laboratory, publicity, group pictures, architecture 
Digital Imaging - slides and prints made from computer images: PowerPoint, Photoshop, or Illustrator graphics, TIFF and other formats; slide scanning to disk

Digital Slide Service

We offer a variety of slide making services to meet your requirements for quality projection 35mm slides. We have a dedicated 35mm slide scanner to accomplish any task.

Color and Black and White slides from tone originals

These are slides of anything that contains color or levels of grey tone. Examples might be color photographs, prints from electron microscopy or color diagrams from books.

  • X-ray images, cat scans, ultrasound images, B-scans
  • Artwork, book illustrations, magazines
  • Slide duplication
  • Color Photographs
  • Prints from electron microscope

Computer Generated Slides

These are produced in-house from your computer graphics programs. Examples of the programs we accept are Microsoft PowerPoint), Corel Draw, PageMaker, Photoshop, Illustrator and most other PC and Mac based programs that can generate a postscript file. Postscript is the file format we use most frequently to generate your slides. If you need help with this part of the process, please speak to one of our staff.

  • 35mm slides imaged from your Mac or PC files
  • We create and produce multi-color, multi-image slides from your ideas
  • Choice of stock photo images on CD-ROM for file imports

Color Slide Film Processing

There are two types of slide film available, the E-6 family of films (Ektachrome, Fujichrome, Agfachrome, etc.) and the Kodachrome (K-14) family of films. We are only able to process the E-6 family. The rule is that a film that has "chrome" on the end of the name will always be a slide film. All formats of film can be processed. All film is processed in accordance with Kodak process control.

E-6 color slide film is processed 3 days a week (48 hour turnaround)
35mm, 120, 4x5 slides/negatives 

Black and White Film Processing

We have an account setup with a lab in town that can process Black and White film. If you have special processing requirements for your films, please advise our staff. Contact prints are available on request. 

Black and White Printing

We are not able to make prints from black and white negatives in-house but we do have a commercial service that we use for this purpose. Drop your films off to our department and we will have them couriered to the lab and back. All formats of negative film are acceptable.

Color Printing From Slides and Negatives

We are now able to offer high quality color and black and white prints from slides. We have a high quality film scanner that is able to scan 35mm slides to be used for printing. If you have another type of film or slide format that you need prints from this can be accomplished by using a commercial photo lab. Please check for pricing and availability.

Digital Video

We have the ability to videotape patients digitally. This allows us to import the video directly into the computer to be used for PowerPoint. We have the ability to do MINOR video edits from your raw video footage.


We now have a DVD burner that can be used to burn large files on a single DVD. This is ideal for slide shows and presentations with large amounts of photos and/or video. 

So you want to do something in class besides lecture to students and write on a chalk board.

You want to use that slick computer presentation, or you need a multimedia projector, a laptop, DVD or audio CD player, or some piece of traditional, tried-and-true equipment, like a VHS video camcorder, slide or overhead projector.

We can help you with all of this. Talk to us about audio/visual ideas or call us with questions. We can advise you about equipment you will need, show you how to hook it up, and use it.  The Audio Visual Department is committed to helping faculty, staff, and students with any and all audiovisual needs. We understand that technology plays a key role in the educational process of today's classes. Not only do we in the Media Services Department wish to provide you with the appropriate equipment but also the personal assistance that may be needed to help use that equipment.

Media-equipped classrooms

Audio Visual Equipment Instructions

Classrooms 2300 and 2307 now have, at minimum:
  • overhead LCD projector
  • slide projector>
  • audio cassette player
  • Elmo
  • VCR
  • overhead projector
  • 2 wireless/1 wired mics
  • mac computer (can read CD, Superdisk, regular 1.44 floppy disk, 100mb zip, laptop connection, network connection)
  • Audio for Mac and PC computers as well as laptops


Equipment may be checked out on a short-term basis by students, faculty, and staff. It is advisable to give as much advance notice as possible, especially for frequently used items. Individuals checking out equipment are responsible for its safe return.

If you need to reserve equipment for temporary classroom use, please give at least 48 hours advance notice. Faculty needing equipment for long-term use are asked to fill out a production request form. 
** Equipment must be used for school related functions or projects only.

Equipment available for the classroom and check-out:

  • VHS video players and monitors
  • televisions
  • carousel slide projectors
  • audio cassette recorders
  • easels
  • portable public address systems and microphones
  • overhead projector
  • screens
  • computers (classroom only)
  • LCD projector

Audiovisual and Computer Presentation Support

The Audio Visual Department assists faculty with classroom technology and projection requirements, and provides audiovisual and technology support for academic conferences, institutes, and public events held here at the college. Technology support ranges from film, video, 35mm slide and overhead transparency projection to speech reinforcement and large-screen display of high-resolution computer graphics. The office's primary mission is to support educational courses; support is also provided for College and public events sponsored by administrative offices, academic departments and programs, alumni, staff, and student groups.

Type all materials (i.e. title, abstract, introduction, methods, etc.) in Microsoft Word in the order that you wish it to appear on the poster.If you have graphics, art work or photographs, please do not insert your graphics, art work or photographs into the word processing document.

If you are scanning your own art work please do so at 300dpi at 100% and save as a tiff with no lzw compression.

Photos may be submitted in slide, print or digital form.

Graphs may be submitted in digital or print form. We accept graphs created in Excel, CricketGraph, Sigma Plot and Corel Draw. Graphs in other programs can be exported as EPS, JPG, TIF, PICT, BMP and GIF formats.

Other art work may be sumitted as EPS, JPG, TIF, PICT, BMP and GIF formats.

You will receive an 11X17 proof of the poster.

Designing your own poster

If you would like to design and layout your own poster, please use Adobe PageMaker or Adobe Illustrator. Please do not use PowerPoint. It was designed to do slide presentations, not poster sessions.

For the best results on our printers please use CMYK colors.

Please place or insert scans and graphics into your application. Do not cut and paste them into your application.

Be sure to include the inserted files on the disk you bring if they have been linked by the application.