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Dr. Richard Ebling Excellence Award In Medically Necessary Contact Lens Fitting


Established by Dr. Randy Charrier honoring Dr. Ebling by awarding a contact lens award in his name. This scholarship is to fund an OPT IV student at the College of Optometry.  

The award will consist of a variety of specialty contact lens fit sets as well as an award certificate.
This will be awarded to a OPT IV student with the most outstanding case report on the topic of “Treating a Medical Condition with a Specialty Contact Lens.”


-One to two page essay discussing the treatment of a medical condition by fitting a specialty contact lens. The essay will be judged on how well the student describes what was learned during the fitting process.

-Submit essay and materials to Dr. Randy Charrier: by MARCH 13, 2020. Student must by in compliance with UHCO eligibility as well.