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T.T. Tyler Thompson Endowment

A 1980 graduate of UHCO, Dr. Thompson has practiced his optometric career in central Arkansas, residing in Little Rock and publishing Tyler’s Quarterly Contact Lens Parameter Guide which he founded in 1983.  He believes that his church has given him his spiritual basis for living, that his education and degree at the University of Arkansas has given him cultural appreciation for life, and that his training at UHCO has given him a means to make a living and give back to society.   


  • This scholarship is to fund a full-time OPT student at the College of Optometry. 
  • Preference given to Arkansas residents. 
  • Recipient must be in good academic standing and meet UHCO eligibility requirements. 
  • Selection is made by the College of Optometry Scholarship Committee.

Available Documents

  • Currently No Flyer Available