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Steve and Susan Thacker Scholarship Quasi Endowment

Steve and Susan Thacker understand the need for research and scholarship at the College of Optometry. S. Stephen Thacker served on the board of the Foundation for Education and Research in Vision (FERV) from 1999 until early 2002. Steve continues in an advisory role with the Foundation. Susan Robinson Thacker received a Bachelors of Science in Business Technology from UH in 1983. 


  • This scholarship is to fund an OPT I student in the College of Optometry.
  • Criteria based on community service, leadership and high academic standing. 
  • The scholarship is renewable for subsequent years, until graduation as long as criteria for renewal are met.
  • Recipient must be in good academic standing and meet UHCO eligibility requirements. 
  • Selection is made by the College of Optometry Scholarship Committee. 

Available Documents

  • Currently No Flyer Available