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Seymour R. Marco Family Foundation Scholarship Endowment

Seymour Marco, OD was a first-generation American - an optometrist, and entrepreneur by trade, but a pilot first and foremost. An avid model airplane enthusiast and multiple world record holder as a teen, Seymour (Mark) later joined the U.S. Army Air Corps, eventually flying the B-29 Liberator state-side as the war came to an end as his orders for the European Theater arrived. In 1967, Seymour began a mission to propel the profession of Optometry with the best exam lane and diagnostic technologies available and founded Marco Ophthalmic. At that time he could not have imagined the amazing proliferation in vision-diagnostic technology we are all familiar with today. David Marco enhanced that vision with groundbreaking automated refractive devices more than 20 years ago. Aviation remained a passion his entire life, and as driven as charismatic as he was, many feel that his desire to always fly bigger and better airplanes was a key motivator to his great successes. He shared his knowledge and passion of his latest contact lens technologies nationwide to his expanding customer base through corporate aviation from the Beechcraft Bonanza to Lear Jets.

  • This scholarship is to fund a full-time OPT student at the College of Optometry.
  • Recipient must be in good academic standing and meet UHCO eligibility requirements.
  • Selection is made by the College of Optometry Scholarship Committee.


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