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Dennis & Marguerite Neely Scholarship

The annual distributed income shall be spent for student scholarships based on the following criteria:
  1. Incoming or current degree-seeking student in good standing at the University of Houston College of Optometry.
  2. Recipient must meet eligibility requirements including a 3.0 GPA and OAT scores as determined by the UHCO Scholarship Committee.
  3. Recipient can use the funds to cover expenses for tuition, books, fees, and/or supplies for the upcoming academic semester.  Any expenses of a recipient in excess of the amount deposited must be borne by the student.
  4. The scholarship is renewable as long as the recipient continues to meet the above criteria.
  5. Recipient may accept other scholarships and grants in conjunction with the Dennis and Marguerite Neely Scholarship Endowment.

Available Documents

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