Current Students

Endowments and Scholarships

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Adler-Grinberg Scholarship Endowment

Armistead Presidential Endowed Scholarship

B. J. Avery Scholarship Endowment

Benedict Scholars Endowment

Billy W. Armistead Scholarship

Class Endowed Scholarships

Distinguished faculty Endowment honoring Dr. Pheiffer and Dr. Block

Dr. Albert D. Love Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Charles R. Briggs Endowment for Corneal and Contact Lens Training and Research

Dr. Clinton M. and Dorthy DeWolfe Scholarship Endowment

Dr. Desiree Hopping Presidential Endowed Scholarhsip

Dr. Jack and Donna Bridwell Scholarship Endowment

Dr. Jerald W. Strickland Presidential Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Nelson Reber Eye Open Award

Drs. Dave and Judy Perrigin Endowment

Drs. Ron and Desiree Hopping Endowment

E.M. (Mac) and Melba Wright Scholarship

Elena Estefan Fellowship Endowment

Elva Ossian Smith Presidential Endowed Scholarship

Fannin and Hamond Endowment

FERV Fall Classic Honoring Yane and Samuel Sun

Foundation for Education and Research in Vision Presidential Endowed Scholarhsip

Golden Brothers Presidential Endowed Fellowship

Harry Jankiewicz Memorial Endowment Fund

J. Davis Armistead Presidential Endowed Scholarship

James Chin Scholarship Endowment

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Award of Excellence in Contact Lens Patient Care

Lanny Shulman and Molly Moores Student research Scholarship

Lovitt Endowed Fund in Optometry

Manny Family Fellowship Endowment

Mark Lanier Presidential Endowed Fellowship

McDaid-Ellisor Scholarship Endowment

Michelle Black/Connie Beaulieu Memorial Fund

Mikela D. Kwan Scholarship Endowment

Nicky R and Lisa K. Holdmean Presidential Endowed Fellowship

O. W. Coburn Endowment Fund for Optometry Scholarships

Optometry Faculty Scholarship Endowment

Penny Smith and Margaret Bray Endowment

Robert H. Peterson HCOS Scholarship Endowment

Robert William Zipper Endowment Fund

Ronald S. Harwerth, OD, Ph.D. Scholarship Quasi Endowment

Ruth O and Weston Pettey.,O.D. Presidential Endowed Scholarship

Sam and Harris Lee Nussenblatt Externship Endowment

Smith-Wensveen Fellowship Endowment

Steve and Susan Thacker Scholarship Quasi Endowment

Sticksel Memorial Fund

Strickland, Floyd E. & Alice E. Graduate Travel Scholarship

T.T. Tyler Thompson Endowment

Vissett and Adrienne Sun FERV Fall Classic Scholarship

W. W. Hampton Scholarship Endowment

William E. White Endowed Scholarship Fund

William J. Kuhlman Optometry Scholarship Fund

Yeung Family Scholarship Endowment