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An enviable work life balance

Dr. Emily Nguyen ’93 arrived in Victoria with hope and determination to pay off her $120,000 student loan. In less than 2 years she paid off her loan, now owns a highly successful practice and enjoys an enviable work life balance.

Here’s how Dr. Nguyen did it:

  1. How she paid off her loan

    Dr. Nguyen took a leap of faith purchasing her practice, Trans Vision, from an optometrist who was leaving for San Antonio. She was single, felt scared and lonely but soon fell in love with Victoria. She now owns the building where she once had a lease!

  2. The benefit of working hard

    I used to work six days a week when establishing my practice and it definitely paid off in later years. I made money, saved money and finished off my debts.

  3. On work-life balance

    Optometry has given me an enviable lifestyle. I have two brothers who are medical doctors and their lifestyle is very hectic compared to mine. I have never missed a recital for my kids, went to most of their games and my husband and I travel somewhere once every two months. Victoria offers me this lifestyle and my children got a good education here. I don’t think any big city would have given me this opportunity and I still dread my two hour commute I had from Sugarland to the college!

  4. About working in a small community in Victoria


    I was afraid initially as I grew up in Houston but soon I got adjusted to it. My commute is just five minutes wherever I go and the community is very friendly. The best part is that I enjoy treating my patients as I am providing care for the third generation. I know them, their parents and their parents…their stories, their lives. My day goes fast and it’s very interesting. I am a good friend of the ophthalmologist in town and co-manage a lot of patients.

  5. Tips for aspiring optometrists

    1. Study hard
    2. You have to love what you do
    3. Have a positive attitude and what you put in is what you get out of your career
  6. The future

    I want to retire by 65 and I am already working on a succession plan with an associate who currently works for me. My two daughters are aspiring optometrists and they will eventually be here as well. Both lived in our break room after school so they are fully trained!