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Tarsis Ferreira


Tarsis G. Ferreira, B.S., MSc, Ph.D.

Tarsis G. Ferreira, B.S., MSc, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Dr. Tarsis Gesteira Ferreira earned his B.S. in Biomedicine and MSc and Ph.D. in molecular biology from the Federal University of Sao Paulo. He went on to complete post-doctoral training at the following locations:

Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati – Developmental Biology
King's College, London - Computational Biology
University of Cincinnati - Ophthalmology

Dr. Ferreira then co-founded the pharmaceutical company Optimvia, which focuses on the in-silico design of enzymes for the in-vitro synthesis of heparin. His research focuses on the role of complex sugars and proteins in different eye pathologies, understanding their mechanism of action in order to explore their drugability. His current research goals are to develop small molecule drugs targeting the inhibition of corneal angiogenesis following injury, treating bacterial and viral keratitis, and wet macular degeneration. We are pleased to have Dr. Ferreira join the department of Vision Sciences as an Assistant Professor (tenure-track).