The Mobile Eye Institute

The University of Houston Mobile Eye Institute (MEI) is equipped with the latest in ophthalmic technology and brings comprehensive on-site vision services to patients in need of optometric care. Subsidized by the City of Houston and area foundations, MEI services are designed to be offered to patients who don't have access to the traditional healthcare system or who are unable to travel to the University Eye Institute or one of its three neighborhood clinics.

In addition to offering comprehensive eye examinations, MEI optometrists will also diagnose and treat common eye diseases such as allergies, dry eye or conjunctivitis. Prescriptions for eyeglasses and contact lenses will be written as well as appropriate referrals for specialized vision care. If an emergency situation demands it, the Mobile Eye Institute also has the equipment to manufacture lenses on the premises.

To schedule a visit from the Mobile Eye Institute, contact Dr. Gavin Gerondale, director, UH Mobile Eye Institute, at (713) 743-2659.