See to Succeed!

On November 29th, 2011 the City of Houston signed a Proclamation for the See to Succeed Program.

See to Succeed began in 2011 when Houston Department of Health and Human Services partnered with University of Houston College of Optometry, Berkley Eye Center, Essilor Foundation, Essilor Corporation, Eye Care for Kids, Kids Vision for Life, One Sight Foundation, San Jacinto Community College, and Wal-Mart Corporation. The See to Succeed initiative also partners with area public school districts and charter/private schools to implement a community-based service model to provide high volume walk through services.

This program serves children ages 6 – 18 with vision problems either due to health issues, family history or injuries that may have occurred. The students will receive comprehensive vision exams that include: testing for disease, color blindness, depth perception, eye muscle balance and the need for eyewear prescriptions.

The See to Succeed pilot has served 422 students and has given 361 eyeglasses to children in need. With your help, we hope to reach more children who need vision services to enable children live healthy and productive lives.

Those in attendance for the Proclamation were: Mayor of Houston Annise D. Parker, Niki Bedell, Dr. Pat Segu, and Melva Mendoza of the University of Houston College of Optometry, Houston’s Department of Health and Human Services Stephen Williams, Dr. Ralph Berkeley and Mark Micheletti from the Berkeley Eye Center, Patrick Esquerre and Marina Patino of Essilor Vision Foundation, Heidi Suprun of Eye Care for Kids Foundation Debra Clarke of San Jacinto College, and Matt Dehn from Wal-mart Corporation.